Lawsuit Filed Against University of Colorado for Refusing to Acknowledge Christian Apologetics Club

A federal court may soon determine whether universities may dictate the leadership structure of a student organization that’s dedicated to defending and supporting Christian principles with logic, reasoning and facts, according to a lawsuit filed in Colorado.

The student organization, Ratio Christi, “is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ,” according to its website.

Beginning in 2016, the Christian apologetics campus organization was denied formal registration status by the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs due to a requirement in the group’s bylaws that its officers must “share and personally hold Christian beliefs.”

According to campus officials, Ratio Christi cannot be registered with the university unless it allows non-Christians – even those with explicitly anti-Christian beliefs – to hold leadership positions within the group.

Last November, Ratio Christi sued in Colorado federal district court, arguing that the university’s denial of recognition represented “content and viewpoint discrimination” against the organization for their members’ “expression and religious beliefs.” In its complaint, the group simply asked the court for formal recognition on campus.

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SOURCE: The College Fix, Christian Schneider