Kwame Kilpatrick’s Sons Campaign to Free Father

Kwame Kilpatrick’s children have launched a campaign, which includes an original song, to free their father from a 28-year federal prison sentence for racketeering.

Jonas Kilpatrick, the youngest son of Kwame Kilpatrick, has launched a music video called “Too Much Time,” in which he raps under the name JoJo tha DoughBoi.

“There’s too much time/ there was no crime/ he’s trapped inside … stand and do something with me,” Jonas Kilpatrick raps on the video, which appears to be partially filmed outside the Supreme Court and Capitol building in Washington, D.C. One of his older brothers also appears in the video. Both wear black #FreeKwame t-shirts.

“We’ve been at war to expose a truth they refuse to tell you!” Jalil Kilpatrick, one of Kwame Kilpatrick’s twin sons said on his twitter account. Jelani Kilpatrick also promoted the video on his Twitter account and provided the video to The Detroit News.

The shirts are a reference to the Free Kwame Project, a website that is selling them for $19.95 as a way to “show your support and help Free Kwame.” The project’s website also includes family photos, arguments for why they believe Kilpatrick was “over-charged and over-sentenced,” and inspirational blog posts and messages from Kilpatrick himself.

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Source: Detroit News