Human Rights Group Aid to the Church in Need Says There Are ‘Many Asia Bibis’ in Pakistan

A human rights group says that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s blasphemy law has led to the creation of “many Asia Bibis” in the Southeast Asian country.

Last month, Pakistan’s Supreme Court reaffirmed an earlier ruling that acquitted a Christian mother of five named Asia Bibi of committing blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. Bibi had been on death row for over eight years.

Aid to the Church in Need, a human rights group set up by the Catholic Church, recently stated that despite the legal victory, there still remain “many Asia Bibis” in Pakistan.

One example given by ACN was Sawan Masih, a young Christian man and father of three who was sentenced to death in 2014 for allegedly violating the nation’s blasphemy law.

Masih has appealed the decision, but ACN has stated that “he is still waiting for appeal proceedings” following delays. Masih’s next court date is now scheduled for Feb. 28. Bibi’s appeal had also been delayed several times by the country’s high court over the years.

“Just as was the case for Asia Bibi, there are a lot of irregularities in Sawan’s case. The charges against him were brought by one of his Muslim friends, Shahid Imran, following an argument between the two men,” explained the group.

“Only two days later, two witnesses appeared who had not even been present at the time Muhammad was allegedly insulted.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski