How Can We be So Numb to the Nation’s Moral and Spiritual Decline?

While in prayer earlier this week, I was reminded of a quote by Edward Payson (1787-1823), known as “Praying Payson of Portland.” He said, “I do not believe that my desires for revival were ever half so strong as they ought to be; nor do I see how a minister can help being in a ‘constant fever’ . . . where His Master is dishonored and souls are destroyed in so many ways.”

Immediately, I was cut to the heart by his words. What would Payson say to us today?

If he expressed these sentiments in the early 1800s, grieved and burdened over the spiritual complacency of his generation, how would he feel in 2019?

How much more is our Master being dishonored today? How much more are souls being destroyed “in so many ways”? How much more should ministers be in a “constant fever” over the moral and spiritual state of our nation, beginning with the state of the church?

In his classic song “Asleep in the Light,” Keith Green raised this plaintive cry:

Do you see?

Do you see?

All the people sinking down?

Don’t you care?

Don’t you care?

Are you gonna let them drown?

How can you be so numb?!

Not to care if they come

You close your eyes,

And pretend the job is done.

Yes, how can we be so numb?

I recently met with pastors and leaders in New York, discussing how we could come together and mobilize the church of the region for pro-life action.

At the end of the meeting, I was introduced to the host pastor’s son, now a junior in high school. This young man told me that the teacher in one of his classes surveyed the students, asking how many were pro-choice and how many were pro-life. (He said the survey was conducted in a non-hostile way.)

Almost unbelievably, the pastor’s son was the only one who raised his hand as pro-life.

This is a real crisis.

How can we not be burning on the inside? How can we not be driven to our knees in prayer? How can our hearts not be broken?

A recent tweet from Pink News declared: “Trans women are women. So trans women’s bodies are women’s bodies. So trans women’s penises are women’s penises.”

What kind of world are we living? We have moved from confusion to delusion.

To repeat Keith Green’s question: How can we be so numb?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown