Grand Canyon University, Christian College in Arizona, Cancels Speech from Ben Shapiro Because They Want to Bring ‘Unity’ to ‘Extremely Divided’ America

An Arizona Christian university has canceled a speech from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, saying that while they support much of what he stands for they want to focus on opportunities that foster unity in a divided time.

In a statement Friday, Grand Canyon University, an evangelical school in Phoenix that was founded in 1949 by Southern Baptists, explained that they moved to block the event in light of the polarized climate in the United States.

“We believe in many of the things that Ben Shapiro speaks about and stands for, including his support for ideals that grow out of traditional Judeo-Christian values and his belief in a free market economy,” the university said.

“Our decision to cancel Shapiro’s speaking engagement is not a reflection of his ideologies or the values he represents, but rather a desire to focus on opportunities that bring people together.”

In light of the division in America and the high volume of rhetoric, the university aims to posture itself in an action-oriented way in order to contribute to community-building and solving problems in society. To do that, the school has developed a plan to collaborate with groups like Habitat for Humanity to rebuild the inner-city, reducing crime in their neighborhood through a $1.6 million partnership with the city law enforcement to pay for police overtime.

“We hope it is a model that is emulated by others and builds strong communities where people can live and prosper in harmony, no matter their differences,” GCU explained.

“It was not our intent to disappoint or offend anyone. It was, rather, to use our position as a Christian university to bring unity to a community that sits amidst a country that is extremely divided and can’t seem to find a path forward toward unity,” the school said, grounding their rationale with the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:9.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God,” the verse, which is part of the Sermon on the Mount, reads.

GCU concluded: “Making peace in a way that honors Christ is something we will continue to try to do.”

Penny Nance, president of the Concerned Women for America was not impressed, noting that the purpose of a college education should involve exposure to a variety of viewpoints.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter