Democrats Take Steps to Undermine the Electoral College After Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Loss to Trump

Democrats across the country are pushing legislation to grant the presidency to the popular vote winner in a move that would undermine the Electoral College system that has been part of America’s presidential elections since its founding.

The movement stems from 2016’s presidential election where liberal Americans saw their candidate obtain the most votes but lose to Donald Trump. Election results indicate Hillary Clinton won several million more votes overall than President Trump because she won big in highly populous states like California and New York.

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The US Constitution mandates the Electoral College system, giving every state a chance to be heard in presidential elections.

But Democratic officials in at least 11 states have taken steps to pass legislation to force their electors in the Electoral College to vote for the winner of the popular vote, even if the voters in their own states voted for the other candidate. The liberal movement has already received support by states such as New York and California.

Colorado and Mexico have been recent additions to the movement as the lawmakers in those states push legislation to grant their electoral votes to the popular vote winner. Colorado is expected to be the 12th state to join the movement since Gov. Jared Polis (D) has said he’ll sign the bill.

NPR reports the plan only goes into effect if the law passes in states representing an electoral majority. The national electoral majority is 270 votes, of which Democrats are 98 votes short.

Political commentator Rich Kelsey told CBN News after the 2016 election, “Let’s not pretend that this is some great effort to increase democracy… This is an effort to win elections. And right now today, the progressives believe scrapping the Electoral College is the best way for their movement to win more elections.”

Republicans and Democrats in Colorado have been divided over the issue. No Republicans voted for the bill that passed.

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Source: CBN

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