Clerk in Tarrant County, Texas, Finds Original 1930s Indictments of Bonnie and Clyde

Digitizing old court files is a tedious project, one that Tarrant County clerks don’t expect to finish until 2025.

But recently, as clerk Ann Perry scanned piles of documents ranging “from stealing chickens to murder to whatever,” she came across a file she described to KXAS-TV (NBC5) as “a piece of history in my hands.”

What she held were the original indictments of Bonnie and Clyde for murdering two lawmen in Grapevine in the 1930s — just some of the 3 million documents the county holds dating to 1876, according to Tarrant County District Clerk Tom Wilder.

The Great Depression-era bandits, who met in Dallas, earned notoriety while waging a two-year spree of robberies throughout the Central U.S., killing several law enforcement officers along the way.

Clerks had actually kept an eye out for the documents, having been alerted to their existence, but finding them was exciting, Perry said, because “I’m actually holding a document from back in 1934, when all this was taking place.”

The indictments accused Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow of killing two lawmen who had stopped to assist what they thought was a broken-down vehicle in Grapevine in April 1934.

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Source: Dallas Morning News