Christians ‘Severely Beaten’ During Prayer Service in Uttar Pradesh

A mob of Hindu radicals attacked a group of Protestants during a prayer service led by Rev Ranjit. The incident occurred on Thursday in Chapar, a village in Sultanpur district, Uttar Pradesh.

The faithful “were severely beaten,” said Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), speaking to AsiaNews. “They did not even spare women.”

“The GCIC condemns these acts of violence,” he added. “Intolerance towards Christians in Uttar Pradesh is spiralling upward and religious freedom is pulverised by fanatical elements.”

According to the Christian leader, the event “is a shame on secular India. It is also a disgrace for the dignity of women, who were victimised in the attack and beaten.”

The raid took place at a prayer gathering. A crowd of 25 Hindu radicals broke into the clergyman’s house and began insulting those present. This escalated into slapping and hitting with sticks. Three members of the prayer group – Rakesh, Mukesh and Bhanu Pratap – suffered serious injuries.

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SOURCE: Herald Malaysia Online, Nirmala Carvalho