British School is Forced to Cancel Play on Charles Darwin after Parents Show Concern Over the Portrayal of Christian Views

The ‘Darwin Rocks!’ musical is based loosely around Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution

A British school has cancelled a performance of a musical about Charles Darwin after parents complained about the representation of Christian views.

Students from the Hartford Manor Primary School in Cheshire were due to perform the ‘Darwin Rocks!’ musical next month but it has been scrapped after six parents raised concerns over lyrics that ‘refer to bump and grind’ – a sexually-suggestive dance move.

The headteacher of the school, Simon Kidwell, said a handful of parents believed a bishop in the play was ‘mocked’ in a scene.

Musicline, the musical’s publishers, said it was written by a Christian and said they were unaware of the performance having ‘courted controversy before’.

The production is meant to be a ‘light-hearted look’ at the work of Darwin’s theory of evolution, according to Musicline’s website.

One concerned parents said they did not want their daughter to think her ambition to be an engineer went against Christian values, Mr Kidwell told the BBC.

The school board was not involved in the decision to drop the musical, Mr Kidwell added, and denied suggestions made in a local newspaper that a local vicar influenced the decision.

The performance of ‘Darwin Rocks!’ at the Hartford Manor Primary School has been cancelled

Mr Kidwell said the school teaches evolution as part of its syllabus.

Mike Smith, managing director at Musicline, said the play had been performed in schools around the world since 2017.

He said: ‘You can’t please all the people all the time, but having been in the school musical business for over 25 years, we can’t ever recall having courted controversy before.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Charlie Bayliss