Bill Gates Says He Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ His Riches and Says Wealthy People Should Pay More Taxes in the U.S.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he doesn’t “deserve” his fortune and thinks taxes on the rich should be much “progressive” than they are in the United States.

“I have paid more than $10 billion in taxes, but I should have paid more,” Mr. Gates, who is worth roughly $96.5 billion, told the UK.’s Daily Mail in an interview published Tuesday. “I more than followed the law but I think things should be more progressive.

“I don’t deserve my fortune,” he said. “Nobody does. It has come through timing, luck, and through people I worked with. I certainly worked hard and I think software has been a beneficial thing, but I benefited from a structure too.”

Mr. Gates, who runs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife, said he plans to leave “some” of his fortune to his kids but that the bulk of it will go to his foundation, which seeks to reduce poverty and expand access to health care around the world.

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SOURCE: The Washington Times, Jessica Chasmar