Saints’ Tight End and Christian Family Values Advocate Benjamin Watson Says ‘American Families Should Not be Collateral Damage in War Over Border Wall’, Urges President Trump to End Government Shutdown

Benjamin Watson urged President Donald Trump to end the suffering caused by the government shutdown. 

As more faith-based organizations stepped in to help workers affected by the partial federal government shutdown Wednesday, vocal Christian family values advocate and New Orleans Saints tight end Watson urged Trump to find a more “efficient way” to negotiate for a border wall without making American families “collateral damage” in his fight for it.

“American families should not be collateral damage in an internal war over funding for a border wall. Whatever the final conclusion, as our commander in chief, I implore the president to consider those most impacted by this partial shutdown. There must be a more efficient way,” Watson tweeted to his almost 95,000 followers on Tuesday night.

Watson, a 15-year NFL veteran who has played with teams such as the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, recently announced plans to retire from the league at the end of the playoffs. Known for his devout Christian faith, Watson has been active in many causes, such as fighting poverty, opposing sex trafficking and defending the lives of the unborn.

His tweet also shared a recent CBS News report featuring three wives of members of the U.S. Coast Guard. It is the only military branch that doesn’t get paid during the government shutdown because it is part of the Department of Homeland Security the report said.

“Our budget is extremely tight. We have just bought only the necessities when we went grocery shopping and you know trying to look at the sales and see what’s on sale,” Vienna Julien one of the Coast Guard wives said about how the shutdown has affected her family.

“Build the wall, don’t build the wall. But pay our husbands,” Julien added.

“We’ve been having ‘struggle meals,’ we call them,” Erin Picou, another wife said. “You take whatever’s in the fridge and whatever’s in the pantry and throw it in a casserole, and that’s a meal.”

As the partial shutdown drags on, churches such as the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, has been offering help for federal employees in their congregation affected by the partial shutdown and called on other churches to do the same.

Central Union Mission, a faith-based nonprofit organization and the oldest private social service agency in Washington D.C., invited any at-risk member of the 364,000 federal employees in the D.C. area in need of food to visit their Family Ministry Center Monday through Thursday between 2:30 and 4:00 p.m.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair