Pastor John Gray Says Christians Who Judge Him for His Mistakes ‘Ain’t Saved’

Pastor John Gray has been making headlines for committing adultery and battling suicidal thoughts. To all the judgmental folks, he has a message: you “ain’t saved.”

The Greenville, SC-based Relentless Church pastor said during a sermon Sunday, Jan. 13, “I’m tired of people that look saved, but ain’t saved. Let me help you understand what I mean. They say they’re saved, but they’re the first ones to judge you.”

Gray, 45, is likely basing his premise on Matthew 7:1: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

The embattled preacher told congregants, “They say they’re saved but they will cuss you out in one second flat and say God is still working on me. They’ve got a hell to put you in for your stuff, but they’ve got all the grace for their stuff.”

From the sound of things, the OWN reality TV star is feeling all the condemnation over his “stuff,” but not much grace. In an effort to elicit compassion and understanding, he proceeded to explain his unique plight.

“This is what God is doing in me. He’s reconciling the little boy that’s still inside of this man. See, because, I need to trade the pain of the little boy that wasn’t covered, for the man that’s called to cover. Because even while I’m waiting for my father, he won’t come, because he’s dead,” Gray said.

The megachurch pastor was four years old when his parents split and his father left. After that, the I Am Number 8 author only saw his dad a handful of times before he died.

In an interview with Click 2 Houston, Gray admitted his past demons still haunt him today.

“Growing up, I was bullied. I had buck teeth. I had alopecia, so I had bald spots. I wasn’t the ladies’ man. I was the one they made fun of at the back of the bus.”

He continued, “I was the one they made fun of at school, and so, some of those things still sting. I don’t care that I’m in my mid-40s now. I can remember particular moments of how I felt.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine, Paul Mason