Here We Go: Marvel Comics Introduces a Drag Queen Superhero

Marvel is introducing a drag queen superhero in the latest issue of its Iceman comic book series, which also happens to have a gay lead.

Iceman/Bobby Drake was revealed to be gay in 2015 and then came out to his parents and started dating men in the 2017 and 2018 issues. He shares kisses in the series, too.

In the latest issue in the Iceman series — Iceman (2018) # 5, which was released Wednesday — a superhero mutant drag queen named Shade enters the story. Shade is the first-ever drag queen in a Marvel series.

The story was written by openly gay graphic novelist Sina Grace, who shared pictures from the new issue on his Twitter feed. Mashable reported that Shade “possesses teleportation powers” and “can create and enter a pocket dimension inside her handheld folding fan.” Shade’s story will continue in the Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End series, Grace said.

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Source: Christian Headlines