Dwayne Johnson Says UK Tabloid ‘100% Fabricated’ Interview Where He Criticized Millennials for Being ‘Snowflakes’ and ‘Politically Correct Softies’

Dwayne Johnson has hit out at a British tabloid for publishing what he calls a “100% fabricated” interview that quotes the American actor criticizing millennials and “smacking down snowflakes.”

Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” said the interview with the Daily Star newspaper — which appeared on its front page and was billed as an “exclusive” — never took place.

The story claimed Johnson was critical of “PC softies” and said he “spoke out after a flood of snowflake stories hit the headlines.”

“So many good people fought for freedom and equality — but this generation (is) looking for a reason to be offended,” the paper quoted Johnson as saying.

The piece, written by Jack Andrews, remained online until Saturday before it was eventually removed. It had appeared on the Daily Star‘s front page the previous day under the headline, “The Rock Smacks Down Snowflakes.”

The Daily Star‘s publishers have not responded to a CNN request for comment.

The wrestler-turned-actor, who stars in “The Fast and Furious” movie franchise, posted a video on Instagram denying he had taken part.

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SOURCE: CNN, Rob Picheta