During Acceptance Speech for 2019 Golden Globes Best Actress Win, Regina King Vows to Employ At Least 50% Women on Everything She Produces

Regina King has been in Hollywood her whole life. She was “born and bred” in L.A. and started in the entertainment business at nine or ten. She had her big break with 227 when she was 13.

King recently declared that everything she produces for the next two years is going to be 50 percent women. She has an advantage having been in the business for so long because she’s made connections with a lot of “powerful people” to help her see this vision though.

The driving force behind this is that ”so many women are looked over and they don’t get the opportunity” to gain experience, and when they go to apply for positions and roles they’re denied due to lack of experience.

SOURCE: Black America Web – Jamai Harris