Court Orders Planned Parenthood Affiliates to Answer Questions About Profits From Sale of Fetal Tissue

A court has ordered four Planned Parenthood affiliates to answer questions regarding the profits they earned from the procurement and sale of fetal tissue.

According to Life Legal Defense Foundation, Planned Parenthood along with several of its affiliates filed suit against the Center for Medical Progress some three years ago claiming that CMP had lied about Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the sale of organs and tissue from aborted babies. CMP had sent investigators into various Planned Parenthood clinics and events to investigate the organization’s involvement with fetal tissue sale and procurement, where they caught several high-level Planned Parenthood employees on tape discussing the illegal sales.

Planned Parenthood has continuously claimed that CMP altered the video recordings to fit their narrative saying they were “misleadingly edited” to implicate Planned Parenthood in the illegal sale of fetal tissue. The organization stated that they filed the lawsuit to “expose the falsity” of CMP’s videos and to help them “recover millions of dollars in damages for the alleged harm the videos caused,” the Life Legal Defense Foundation writes.

The videos have since been ruled “not deceptive” by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, WND reports.

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Source: Christian Headlines