Christian Comedian John Crist Says He Spent Time at Therapy Retreat to Reconnect With God

Christian comedian John Crist was back on social media Monday where he revealed that he’d been away reconnecting with God at a therapy workshop.

“I’m back!! Spent the beginning of 2019 in the woods of rural Tennessee at a place called @onsiteworkshops, talking to a therapist, doing some meditating, some yoga, petting some horses, eating home cooked meals and having a few honest conversations with the Lord,” Crist said in a post on Instagram.

Crist said his post wasn’t part of a paid sponsorship; instead, he wanted to share his experience at Onsite Workshops in Nashville, Tennessee, to help others who might “feel like it’s all too much and you can’t do it anymore.”

According to Onsite Workshops, the retreat center has the world’s top therapists specializing in trauma, codependency, process addiction, stress, and burnout. Their goal is to help their clients “overcome dysfunctional patterns and establish healthy relationships.”

“These people can help you,” he insisted.

“I’m BACK and I’m excited and refreshed and I promise I’ll keep my insta stories shorter in 2019!!”

Later that day on his Instagram story, Crist opened up about the reason why he sought therapy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law