Cary Schmidt: What Will You Choose to Value in 2019?

Psalms 90:12 “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

How would you like to upsize the impact and effectiveness of your life this new year? Rather than thinking “resolutions”—think “values!” It’s your values that will drive your choices, empower your vision, and super-charge your life-direction in the new year. What will you value this year? How will you think differently, in value-driven ways?

Before you turn the page to 2019, take a moment and consider the power of these life-changing value-shifts. Rethink your approach to 2019, and decide that this will truly be a year of effective living, driven by difference-making values.

Let me challenge you to consider eight value-shifts:

Think God’s Glory Over Self-Gratification—Self is a tyrannical and disappointing god. The more self has, the less self is satisfied. We were created to live for God’s glory. We exist to know Him and make Him known. Nothing is more fulfilling to the human heart than knowing God and glorifying Him in the world.

Think Becoming Over Doing—I’m a list person. Perhaps you are too. But this year God has shown me that my lists don’t begin to scratch the surface. I can’t get it all done. And through all the transition of my life He has loudly said—“You focus on being. Let me handle the doing!”  If we will focus on “becoming,” then God will intervene and touch our “doing” that it might have maximum impact. Make sure that your “doing” flows from “becoming”—become who God wants you to become, and He will do through you what He wants done!

Think Stewardship Over Ownership—My life is not my own. You don’t own you. This year is not yours to live. It’s yours to steward. Your life is a gift from God. It is on loan, and one day you will answer to Him for what you did with “His life.” Every day; every breath; every moment; every relationship is His gift to you. You will either approach this year asking, “What do I want?” Or you will approach this year asking, “God, what do you want?”

Think Investing Over Spending—If you spend life, you will have less of it a year from now. If you invest life, it will multiply. Spending looks at the now. Investing looks at the big picture—the long-term. Spending focuses on me. Investing focuses on others. Spending is a downward cycle of depletion. Investing is an upward cycle of multiplication. Spending is exhausting and wearying. Investing is invigorating and energizing. Spending leaves me empty. Investing leaves me full. Spending is reactionary and impulsive. Investing is causative and intentional.

Investing means I wake up every day asking God to lead me, guide me, and use me for His purposes. Investing means I use my moments to serve, to edify, to build, to encourage. Investing means I can face death with no regrets.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Cary Schmidt