Brazil’s New Far-Right President Jair Bolsonaro Vows to Fight Gender Ideology in Schools and ‘Respect Our Judeo-Christian Tradition’

Jair Bolsonaro, the new president of Brazil, vowed to fight gender ideology in schools and protect the country’s “Judeo-Christian tradition” in his presidential address.

Bolsonaro celebrated in the capital of Brasilia with a motorcade procession, and declared that the country has now been “liberated from socialism and political correctness.”

Bolsonaro and his vice president, retired Gen. Hamilton Mourao, took the oath of office on Tuesday. He also promised to combat the “ideology of gender” teaching in schools, AFP reported, as well as to “respect our Judeo-Christian tradition.”

“I call on all congressmen to help me rescue Brazil from corruption, criminality and ideological submission,” the new president urged.

Bolsonaro earned praise from U.S. President Donald Trump, who congratulated him on Twitter by writing that “the U.S.A. is with you.”

Bolsonaro in turn thanked Trump, adding that “under God’s protection, we shall bring prosperity and progress to our people!”

Bolsonaro has stirred much controversy for his conservative stances on social issues, and has often been described as a “far-right politician” by international news media.

Publications like Sky News have said that he has made “divisive rhetoric and derogatory remarks about women, gay people and the country’s black population.”

Along with his support for loosening gun laws and allowing police to use more force, he has been dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics.”

Still, Bolsonaro has earned the support of both Catholics and evangelicals in South America’s most populous country, and has often pointed to his Christian faith as his inspiration.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov