A Life of Gratitude is a Life of Happiness, Contentment, and Well-Being

The Power of Thanksgiving, by Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah
The Power of Thanksgiving, by Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah

There is so much anger, stress, finger-pointing, and blame in America today. This unfortunate state of affairs is not limited to this country but maybe it is magnified in our eyes because it is so close home to us here.

At times it is difficult to understand or put a finger on the source or root cause of much of the anger until you understand the relationships between ingratitude and anger on one hand and a lifestyle of gratitude and happiness and well-being on the other hand.

You see, research has clearly shown that individuals who practice gratitude even for relatively short periods of time, increase their happiness levels appreciatively. This happiness leads to other outcomes including good health, long life, productive life, better relationships, and the motivation to do things for the benefit of others.

Can you see the picture I am trying to paint here for all to see? Can you imagine a society where everyone is actively working for the good of others instead of their own personal interests?

Can this be a realistic world? you may ask. Yes, it is, and the answer lies in a lifestyle of gratitude and not one of entitlement!

A lifestyle of gratitude is marked by daily thanksgiving to God as our Source of life and of everything that makes life worth living, plus the people through whom He channels His blessings into our lives on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this species called “Thanksgiving” is facing extinction from our human interactions because too many of us either see nothing to be grateful for or that we are too self-dependent and self-centered to share our success or achievements with anyone, not even with God! Everything to us is our own making! Our strength and hard work have brought us success. Our savvy networking has landed us the dream jobs that have made us so proud!

But how come we still feel so unfulfilled in life? Why do we feel so empty and devoid of the joy of living at times even though we have all the material things in life? Could it be that we are missing something or someone to make up truly fulfilled and complete?
The answer lies in a lifestyle of gratitude to God!

To help us restore the joy for life, I had the motivation to write and publish my first book, The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude in November 2018. Please see it on Amazon here http://a.co/d/aiNNCMG.

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