Worship Singer Darlene Zschech Details How She Made It Through the Most Difficult Seasons in Her Life in New Book

Darlene Zschech, who’s written over 100 Christian worship songs including the popular contemporary hymn “Shout to The Lord,” details in a new book how she’s made it through the hardest seasons in her life.

In the book, The Golden Thread: Experiencing God’s Presence in Every Season of Life, Zschech talks about God’s faithfulness as she and her family coped with the shocking reality of her cancer diagnosis after they left Hillsong Church to establish a church plant.

The Australian singer and songwriter started her music career with Hillsong Church but left after a successful 25 years to pastor a ministry with her husband, Mark, in New South Wales called Hope Unlimited Church.

Before Zschech was told by her doctor that she had cancer, her family was already processing what the journey ahead would be like for her grandson who had been diagnosed with autism.

Zschech chronicles all the hurdles she faced in a chapter titled “The Wilderness,” which she described as being the most difficult part of the book to write.

“Going through the transition of where we’ve been at church [Hillsong] for a long time to where we are now [Hope Unlimited Church]. Just having to battle peoples’ opinions, the autism journey, and then into the cancer journey. It was the hardest journey to write about,” she told The Christian Post. “It’s very personal. I’m writing about my family, my children. I’m watching my children suffer, and so I talk about that. They’ve all read it and approved it. I didn’t say anything that wasn’t OK with them. That’s [the chapter] called ‘The Wilderness.’

“I think we all have wilderness [moments],” she said, reflecting on the year (2013) she first learned she had cancer. “We all have winters and they’re actually necessary. Winter is necessary in the scope of seasons. A lot happens in a winter that can’t happen in a summer. Digging into the beauty of the wilderness — that was a hard chapter,” she added.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law