Wisconsin Judge Stops City from Forcing Churches to Accept and Conform to Its Pro-LGBT Agenda

A judge slapped down an attempt by a Wisconsin city to force churches and other religious organizations to abide by and conform to its pro-LGBT agenda – including gender-identity and sexual orientation dictates.

“The city of De Pere, Wisconsin, adopted a ‘non-discrimination’ ordinance that designated churches [as] ‘places of public accommodation,” WND reported. “The city claimed that any time a church is open to the public – outside the role of a house of worship – it is subject to the ordinance.”

Not so fast …

Not bowing down to the city’s aggressive LGBT agenda, Brown County Judge William Atkinson awarded churches a summary judgment against the city while rejecting local official’s request to dismiss the lawsuit.

Representing several churches in the suit, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) President Brad Dacus argued that the city was violating the United States Constitution by forcing the LGBT agenda upon them.

“This unconstitutional ordinance could not go unchallenged,” Dacus stated in a recent PJI news release. “These religious organizations stood up for their convictions and fought back against intolerant and aggressive LGBT policies. Now churches can continue to advertise, display or publish teachings and sermons on matters of sexual ethics, divorce or the biological phenomenon that persons are born either male or female – without the City’s oppressive restriction.” ​

For some time, churches have been subjected to the city’s problematic ordinance.

“The City’s ordinance – passed just before Thanksgiving of last year – addressed non-discrimination of gender identity and sexual orientation in housing, employment, advertising and public accommodations – without an exemption for religious organizations,” the PJI release recounted. “Before the ordinance took effect in March 2018, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) swiftly took action and filed a complaint.” ​

PJI attorney Kevin Snider said the churches should not have to bow down to local officials’ dictates when they violate their faith.

“This court victory came just in time for these churches, who have treaded cautiously under the burden of this government orthodoxy,” said Snider. “Our clients and the many other religious institutions in De Pere can fulfill their religious functions and ministries this Christmas season – without fear of being brought before a tribunal due to their hiring choices or refusal to host same-sex marriages on church property.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Michael F. Haverluck