Why Does It Seem Like You Are Stuck in Trial and Tribulations?

If you feel like you can’t get your head above water, you’re not alone.

Depressing news cycles, exhausting responsibilities and additional holiday stress are enough to knock anyone down into the dumps. When you continually feel pummeled by the tidal waves of life, it might be tempting to ask if you’re doing something wrong, if you’re going against God.

Popular author Stasi Eldredge addresses these fears in her most recent book, Defiant Joy.

“Everybody has seasons where you’re pressed to the mat, and it’s in those that we have a choice to make: To hope or to despair,” Eldredge says in an interview with Charisma. “You can either blame God for it or Invite Him into it, that we might bear it together. And He comes in an instant and you learn that pain and suffering don’t win.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Jessilyn Lancaster