WATCH: What is This World Coming To? Argument Erupts On a Bus Over Woman’s Crazy Hairstyle: ‘I Know I Look Good’

This is the dramatic moment an argument erupted on a Pennsylvania bus over a woman’s extravagant look.

In a clip recorded Friday, two females get into it after the one with the offending high-top hairstyle accuses the other of having a problem with her.

The Pittsburgh pair go back and forth with their spat until the minute-and-half-long video ends with lady who sports the wavy ‘do resigning with final ‘Bye Felicia’.

She breaks out the line made famous by rapper Ice Cube in the 1995 film Friday after asking if the woman sitting next to her is comfortable and alleging she has made trouble in the past.

But the unsuspecting female responds by asking if the woman, whose bangs appear to cover her eyes, is identifying the correct person.

‘Can you see me?’ she asks, before the woman fires back, ‘I see whatever the hell I want to see so I can see you, crazy a**.’

The women then disagree on who is crazy with the lady displaying the taller hairstyle being labelled ‘hilarious’.

But the female isn’t laughing as other riders on the bus try to avoid looking. However, some can’t help but giggle after what ensues next.

As the person filming pans the camera to her animal print bag and matching walking frame that also coordinate with her nails, the over-the-top styled woman protests that her look is one to be admired.

‘I look good because plenty of people can’t wear this, including you,’ she says. Pointing her long, decorated fingernails as she claims: ‘I get compliments all the time. Can you say that? No. Bye Felicia.’

It was a scene unexpected for those traveling home to enjoy the weekend.

The person filming told ViralHog: ‘I caught the bus after work and the woman with the wig sat in the front handicap section. The second woman wanted a seat on the bus and decided she would sit next to her.

‘Shortly after the video ended the other woman ended up getting up and moving to a different seat on the bus.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail