WATCH: In Raw Facebook Video, Pastor John Gray Defends Giving Wife $200k Lamborghini: ‘A Pastor Didn’t Buy That Car — a Husband Did’

Pastor John Gray
Pastor John Gray

In a raw and unpolished social media post, Pastor John Gray addressed the criticism he’s received after it was revealed that he gave his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus for her birthday.

Here’s what he said:

I wanted to talk to y’all because this is my heart, and I want y’all to hear me. There’s a lot of stories going around about a gift that I gave my wife. And I want to talk about it for a second, because it matters.

There’s a couple things that matter. Because the stories that I hear — and I’ve tried to not listen to it — one of them is: Pastor buys his wife this expensive car. First of all, it wasn’t a pastor that bought the car; it was a husband that bought the car. Get that in your spirit.

I’m a husband first. Don’t confuse what I do with who I am. What I do is I pastor God’s people. Who I am is a husband and a father. And I’ll do anything to honor them, and I won’t ask permission from anybody to do it. No man should.

In my life, I never saw a man do right by his wife. My father didn’t do right by my mom. My uncles didn’t do right by their [wives]. My cousins who’ve been married didn’t do right by theirs. So, I feel the weight of an entire family on me.

When I think about what my wife has sacrificed for me: She gave me two kids, she’s gone through a thyroidectomy that had precancerous cells on there. People don’t know what we’ve gone through. So, it’s nothing to me to bless her.

What should concern people who are actually genuinely concerned is: Did this man use any money from the church to do this? And the answer is no. Absolutely not. And God take my life on this live feed if I did.

Below is the video of Gray’s wife, Aventer Gray, being presented with the car.