UK Minister Barred from Preaching After He Criticized Archbishop Who Opposes ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ for People With Unwanted Same-sex Attraction

John Sentamu

An evangelical minister in the U.K. says he’s been barred from preaching at an Anglican cathedral due to his criticism of an archbishop who’s opposed to allowing people with unwanted same-sex attraction to obtain counseling, or as it’s derisively called, “gay conversion therapy.”

Derby Cathedral, the institution in question, has denied that it has barred the Rev. Melvin Tinker, positioning that it has simply chosen not to invite him to preach at the Christian Union carol service.

Tinker, who leads St. John Newland Church in Hull, told The Times that he was refused an invitation by Derby Cathedral for his past criticism of Anglican Archbishop John Sentamu.

“The progressives are continuing to gain ground and the biblical tradition is losing ground,” Tinker said.

The evangelical minister’s church had asked Sentamu to repent for supporting a ban on gay conversion therapy, and for creating church services celebrating the gender transition of those who suffer from gender dysphoria and identify as transgender.

The diocese of Derby responded to Tinker’s claims by stating: “The decision whether to invite someone to preach at the cathedral rests entirely with the dean, who prefers to invite preachers who are known to him.

“There is no suggestion that anyone in this case has been banned from preaching at Derby Cathedral, nor is there any suggestion that anyone in either the diocese of York or the Archbishop of York’s office urged the dean not to invite Melvin Tinker.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov