UK Doctor Fined for Running Illegal Gender Transition Clinic for Children as Young as 12

Dr. Helen Webberley

A doctor investigated for running an unregistered online gender clinic from her home in which she provided cross-sex hormone drugs to a child as young as 12 has been fined by a court in the United Kingdom.

Forty-nine-year-old general practitioner Dr. Helen Webberley from Abergavenny was fined the equivalent of about $15,000 (£12,000) on charges that she ran an illegal gender clinic from her home where she earned upwards of $96 (£75) and $192 (£150) per hour offering online advice to patients seeking gender transition.

Webberley’s clinic is called Gender GP and purports to offer “transgender medical experts” who can provide “diagnosis,” “counseling” and “prescription medication.”

Webberley made headlines a couple of years ago after she admitted to having prescribed cross-sex hormone drugs to a child who was 12.

According to the South Wales Argus, the Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates Court was told last Wednesday that Webberly prescribed the drugs to the children after they were denied treatment by the U.K. National Health Service. In the U.K., children must wait until they are 16 to begin cross-sex hormone therapies as the chemicals are known to cause adverse health effects and fertility loss.

Webberley was convicted of the crime of illegally providing health care services and violating the Care Standards Act.

In addition to paying a fine, the court ordered Webberley to pay over $14,000 (£11,307) in costs while the Gender GP business was ordered to pay a fine of around $2,500 (£2,000). The total cost for Webberley and the clinic is over the equivalent of $30,000.

Webberley reportedly maintained her innocence and argued that the court’s shutting down of her clinic would mean her patients would risk facing harm if they are pulled off the hormone treatments.

“Webberley didn’t set up the company for financial gain or for profit at all,” Webberley’s lawyer, Russell Davies, was quoted as saying at court. “Here was a doctor who was providing care, information and advice that was very much needed. But her business was not registered.”

The South Wales Argus notes that Webberley’s clinic was refused a license to operate by the Health Inspectorate of Wales in 2017. However, Gender GP continued to operate without the license until February 2018.

“It was never anticipated by Webberley that the registration of the company would be in any way controversial,” Davis said. “She didn’t appreciate that the company needed registration until it was pointed out to her.”

Davies contended that Webberley “always followed the international guidelines for transgender care.” However, he stated that Webberley did not “state how many patients there were, how old they were and what treatment was included.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith