Rest in Peace, President George H.W. Bush

by Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.

As we wage the necessary war against the evil trinity of racism, classism, and sexism of the current Trump era. I must take this moment now to honor the life and legacy of former President George Herbert Walker Bush. A true gentleman, whose life made a major difference worldwide. Especially in the area of foreign policy.

I met then Vice-President Bush and President Ronald Reagan with my Father, the late Rev. Dr. A. L. Mackey Sr., at an event in Nassau County. The senior President Bush and I shared the same birthday, June 12th. When Bush was elected as President of the United States. He supported the Nassau County Black Clergy’s relentless efforts to advocate for Black judges across the landscape of America, our push for economic development in the minority community, and our push to help the poor in our local community with quality housing.

Bush was not threatened or offended if we strongly opposed particular policies of his administration. President Bush was mature enough to find a way to work together in the areas we could agree on. Rest In Peace President George Herbert Walker Bush. We did not have to compromise our deep convictions regarding Civil Rights and Human Rights in order for President Bush, his brother, or Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp, to help for our cause at that time. Thank you President Bush for moving forward in your thinking and truly making a historical difference in America and throughout the world.

Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.
Senior Pastor
Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral
241 Rev. A. L. Mackey Sr. Avenue
Roosevelt, New York, 11575

Arthur L. Mackey, Jr., is the senior pastor of the historic Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral in Roosevelt, New York, owner of I Support Roosevelt Youth Center, and the upcoming Mother Barbie Lee Scott Senior Housing and Mount Sinai Workforce Housing. He is also president of Vision of Victory Ministries and Arthur Mackey Ministries, and Chairman of the Mount Sinai Development Corporation and I Support Roosevelt Youth Center of Long Island. He is a graduate of Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, where he majored in religion and philosophy. He is married to Elder Brenda J. Mackey, a Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor. They have three children: Yolanda, Jordan, and Faith. His latest book is Overcoming the Spirit of Depression — Recover All.