Parents Leaving Boy Scouts of America for Faith-Based Alternative Trail Life USA

The leader of a faith-based scouting program says parents are well aware of a culture that is corrupting young men in the name of progress.

Parents are watching in real time as the famed Boy Scouts of America continues to spiral toward an uncertain future that now includes weighing Chapter 11 bankruptcy to stay afloat. That dilemma comes two decades after the Scouts won a U.S. Supreme Court decision banning open homosexuals only to bow to public pressure to allow them in the troops, first as scouts and later as leaders overseeing boys.

Now aligned with the LGBT movement, the Boy Scouts began allowing transgendered boys — biological girls — to join its troops and, more recently, announced it was allowing girls and was planning a name change.

After losing thousands of members, the Scouts reportedly lost a whopping 425,000 members when the Mormon Church, which had cooperated despite the controversy, announced it was done with the Boy Scouts.

Trail Life CEO Mark Hancock says losing your “moral compass” eventually leads to a drift that no longer appears like the original purpose.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Charlie Butts