New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to Receive Over 3,000 Microfilms of Ancient Monastic Manuscripts

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has been chosen as the recipient of a notable microfilm collection of ancient manuscripts from monasteries in Egypt, Greece and Israel.

The International Greek New Testament Project awarded its collection of 3,000-plus microfilms to NOBTS’ H. Milton Haggard Center for New Testament Textual Studies (CNTTS) in September. The seminary was chosen as the new owners of the collection over prominent institutions in England, Germany and the United States in part due to the Haggard Center’s willingness to make the collection available to scholars for on-site research.

“For on-site research, this collection puts us in a very elite class in North America,” said Bill Warren, director of the CNTTS. “The Haggard Center is one of the best places around to study original source documents from the New Testament and church history.”

The collection is a master set of microfilms produced by the Library of Congress, the International Greek New Testament Project (ICNTP), American Schools of Oriental Research and other partners.

The late Kenneth W. Clark led expeditions to Saint Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, the Mount Athos Monastery in Greece and the Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem in 1949 to photograph the manuscripts.

The documents span from the fifth through 15th centuries A.D., including many writings from early church fathers as well as New Testament documents in as many as 12 different languages such as Greek, Syriac, Georgian, Coptic, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish and Ethiopic.

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Source: Baptist Press