New Mexico’s Proposed Bill Would Make Assisted Suicide Possible in All 50 States and Would Make State a Tourist Destination for Those Wanting to Die

A proposed bill in New Mexico would essentially make assisted suicide possible in all 50 states and make the southwestern state a tourist destination for those wanting to end their lives, some say.

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Recent reports indicate that Bill HB 90 in New Mexico, which will be taken up for consideration in 2019, permits assisted suicide for psychiatric conditions, allows it to be done to someone with an undefined terminal prognosis, and can be administered by nurses and physician assistants. The bill even allows the practice to be approved via telemedicine.

Contained in the provisions of the proposed legislation is the loosened and subjective phrase “foreseeable future” as opposed to a fixed amount of time, like six months, when defining “terminal illness,” grounds that could lead to state approval for an assisted suicide.

The bill does not require the person seeking to end his or her life to “self administer,” thereby permitting euthanasia. People who are not doctors, such as nurses and physicians assistants, are among those allowed to prescribe lethal drugs.

Pro-life advocates and observers of the movement to allow such practices are decrying the bill as among the worst they have seen.

“Assisted suicide advocates pretend they just want a very limited death license, a safety valve, as they put it, for suffering in the terminally ill that cannot otherwise be alleviated (almost always, a false premise),” noted the Discovery Institutes Wesley Smith, in a National Review blog post Thursday.

“The problem is, their laws and proposals never actually read that way. And now a legalization bill in New Mexico shows the true radical heart of the assisted suicide/euthanasia agenda.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter

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