Mika Brzezinski Apologizes for Her ‘Crass and Offensive’ Homophobic Slur Calling Mike Pompeo a ‘Butt Boy’ as She Returns to “Morning Joe” for the First Time Following the Controversy

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski has apologized for her ‘crass and offensive’ use of the slur ‘butt boy’ to describe Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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‘Please allow me to say this face-to-face,’ the MSNBC talking head said live on air at the top of Friday’s show. ‘The term is crass and offensive and I apologize to everybody, especially the LGBTQ community and to my colleagues.’

‘I will work hard to be better, but I just wanted to say on camera, looking people straight in the eye: I am really, really sorry,’ she continued.

Brzezinski courted controversy on Wednesday’s show when she referred to Pompeo as a ‘wannabe dictator’s butt boy’ – and then briefly escaped the public eye when she was absent from Thursday’s show to attend to a ‘family matter.’

After her on-air statement on Friday, MSNBC execs ‘considered the matter resolved’ and do not plan to discipline Brzezinski, a source at the network told DailyMail.com

‘She apologized twice,’ the source said, referring to the live statement and an earlier tweet.

President Donald Trump was among those who blasted Brzezinski’s remark, which came during a segment about the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the alleged culpability of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

‘If it was a Conservative that said what ‘crazed’ Mika Brzezinski stated on her show yesterday, using a certain horrible term, that person would be banned permanently from television,’ Trump wrote in a tweet.

‘She will probably be given a pass, despite their terrible ratings. Congratulations to @RichardGrennel, our great Ambassador to Germany, for having the courage to take this horrible issue on!’

A number of Trump supporters including Grennel were also quick to attack the host, despite the president’s controversial record on LGBT rights.

Grennel wrote: ‘Outrageous. This is totally unacceptable & deeply disturbing. Sexualizing gay people this way is designed to control them & minimize our worth.’

Tweets: 'If it was a Conservative that said what “crazed” Mika Brzezinski stated ... that person would be banned permanently from television,' said Trump

Tweets: ‘If it was a Conservative that said what ‘crazed’ Mika Brzezinski stated … that person would be banned permanently from television,’ said Trump

Brzezinski was off the air on Thursday, one day after making the controversial slur on air.

Her new husband Joe Scarborough made the announcement at the top of the episode, stating: ‘Mika has the day off with her family, a long-planned family event which she’s sorry she’s not here because we’ll be talking about baseball most of the morning.’

What is a butt boy?

A ‘butt boy’ has long been defined as a ‘sycophant’, ‘brown-noser’ and ‘a person of unquestioning obedience’ and can have no sexual connotation.

A 2008 Vanity Fair article called Bill Clinton’s former aide Doug Band his ‘butt boy’

The slang term does not appear in the Merriam-Webster or Oxford dictionaries

However, the term has also become a homosexual slur. Urban Dictionary defines ‘butt boy’ as ‘a sexual boy toy who belongs to an older man’ and is the receiver in a physical relationship.

In her absence, MSNBC refused to respond or even acknowledge the comment.

The silence came despite the fact that the same network pushed Megyn Kelly out of her job at Today just 24 hours after she commented that blackface was not a big deal when used in a Halloween costume when she was a kid.

In video obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com, Kelly herself weighed in on the Brzezinski controversy, saying: ‘I hope she’s forgiven.’

Brzezinski’s gaffe came when she was talking about an interview on Fox & Friends earlier in the morning during which Pompeo was evasive when it came to answering questions about how the administration planned to deal with Saudi Arabia in the wake of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

‘I understand that Donald Trump doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. But why doesn’t Mike Pompeo care right now? Are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on – is that a patriot speaking?’ asked Brzezinski.

‘Or a wannabe dictator’s butt boy?’

At that moment her audio was cut out by MSNBC, but not before she had already uttered what many have called a homophobic slur.

Sorry: 'Totally agree with you -SUPER BAD choice of words .. I should have said "water boy,"' said BrzezisnkiSorry: ‘Totally agree with you -SUPER BAD choice of words .. I should have said ‘water boy,” said Brzezisnki

Pompeo defended the Trump administration’s handling of the killing of Khashoggi on Wednesday, stressing Saudi Arabia’s importance as an ally against Iran.

Pompeo repeated his assertion that there was no direct evidence linking Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the October 2 murder of Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, despite a CIA assessment it was likely he ordered the killing.

CIA Director Gina Haspel was briefing leaders of the House of Representatives behind closed doors on Wednesday about the killing.

She has also briefed some US senators.

The term ‘butt boy’ has long meant a sycophant or brown noser who gives indiscriminate approval, but has also become a slur for the submissive partner in gay sex.

Brzezinski apologized on social media for her comment after being called out on Twitter.

‘I was with you, @morningmika, right up to the ‘butt boy’ comment. Try ‘toadie’ or ‘lackey’ or ‘stool pigeon’ or ‘ass kisser,’ or ‘traitor,’ but maybe don’t equate homosexuality with Mike Pompeo carrying water for the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia,’ wrote G.E. Anderson.

‘Totally agree with you -SUPER BAD choice of words .. I should have said ‘water boy’… like for football teams or something like that.. apologize to @SenatorDurbin too! SO SORRY!’ responded Brzezinski.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: ‘This is disgusting! How can @KevinHart4real essentially be forced to lose his Oscar’s gig for comments he made years ago as a comedian, but Mika can make a seriously homophobic slur on a major news station, have the network try to cover it up & its not an issue? Give me a break!’

And Larry O’Connor noted: ‘Mika Brzezinski (called Sec State ‘butt boy’) Alec Baldwin (called photographer ‘c***sucker’) Joy Reid (years of homophobic statements on her blog and Twitter) All employees in good standing at @MSNBC and @NBC.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Keith Griffith and Chris Spargo

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