Indian Police Says Two American Evangelicals Helped Missionary John Chau Reach North Sentinel Island and There Are No Signs of His Body

Indian police have said that they now believe two American evangelicals helped missionary John Allen Chau reach the North Sentinel island in the Andamans, where he was killed last month.

Chau is believed to have been shot to death by arrows on November 17. He was pursuing his years-long mission of preaching the Gospel with the Sentinelese tribespeople, who have no outside contact with the world and are a protected class.

Dependra Pathak, head of police in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, told AFP on Saturday that there are no signs of Chau’s body.

What is more, he revealed that investigators traced two Americans believed to have been helping him through Chau’s telephone.

“We are investigating the role of at least two Americans, a man and a woman, who met with the man who went to the island,” Pathak said.

“These other two, who have since left the country, were reportedly into evangelical activities and encouraged him to visit the island.”

The identities or the organization the two Americans belong to have not been revealed, though the police chief said that they had “local mobile numbers.”

Indian police previously arrested seven people, including six fishermen who helped Chau get to the island.

While Restricted Area Permit requirements for foreigners wishing to visit North Sentinel Island were reportedly lifted earlier this year, coming into contact with the tribe required further approval.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov