Dutch Court Rejects Claims of Man Who Wants to be 20 Years Younger Since Other People Are Changing Their Gender

Emile Ratelband, Dutch positivity trainer who is attempting to lower his age legally by 20 years.

A Dutch court has rejected the claims of man who wanted to change his age to be 20 years younger and drew comparisons to the way some people are now legally changing their gender identification.

Emile Ratelband, the 69-year-old man from the Netherlands who wanted to lower his age by 20 years on relevant legal documents, launched a legal battle last month. He reportedly wanted to adjust his age to boost his dating prospects and avoid what he said was discrimination.

“We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can’t I decide my own age?” Ratelband said.

His legal effort to remove 20 years from his life garnered international attention amid the rise in governments in the West that have made switching gender markers on passports, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates relatively easy.

“If I’m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car. I can take up more work,” Ratelband said.

“When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position.”

The Dutch court in the eastern city of Arnhem maintained that many rights in the law are based on age and that changing it causes too many problems. Ratelband said during court proceedings that his birth date was incorrect even though he was indeed born on March 11, 1949.

“Mr. Ratelband is at liberty to feel 20 years younger than his real age and to act accordingly,” the court said in a statement to the press.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter