Casey Anthony Told Friends That the Father of Her Daughter Caylee was Killed in a Car Crash

Casey Anthony has never revealed the identity of her late daughter Caylee’s father. But has exclusively reported that she once told friends that the mystery man died in a car accident.

In a shocking clip from REELZ’s shocking new docuseries, Casey Anthony: Her Friends Speak, shown above, the “monster” mom’s former friend and roommate said she only shared one minor detail about who he was.

“She had told us that Caylee’s father had died in a car accident,” Clint House revealed.

“But who knows if that was true or not,” Casey’s ex-friend added.

Readers know Caylee went missing and the two-year-old’s remains were later found in a swamp in Florida near the home where Casey’s parents lived.

Casey was found not guilty of murdering her daughter. Years later, the disgraced mom’s friends still question who the father is.

One friend, Jonathan Daly, revealed that Casey’s friends were all shocked when they learned of her pregnancy.

“It was a surprise for everyone when she got pregnant, which is why I don’t think anybody knew until she was a few months along,” said Daly.

When asked who the father is, Daly concluded, “I don’t think anyone knows. I don’t know that she knows.”

According to reports, some believed Caylee’s brother, Lee, was the father. A paternity test ruled that out, however.

Casey’s ex named Jesse Grund also thought he was the father, but he also failed a paternity test.

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SOURCE: Radar Online – Melissa Roberto