Blizzard to Blast post-Christmas Travel Across Midwestern U.S.

Snow and strong, cold winds will continue to create blizzard conditions over parts of the central and northern Plains to a sliver of the Upper Midwest into Friday.

Road closures are likely, and some of the regional airports may be forced to shut down for a time.

The combination of increasing wind and the dry, powdery nature of the snow create blizzard conditions at times from western Kansas to central Nebraska during Thursday. Gusts near 60 mph have occurred in western Kansas and central Nebraska during Thursday morning.

One fatality was reported by emergency managers near Grinnell, Kansas, after multiple accidents on Interstate 70. Blizzard conditions and icy roads were present at the time of the fatal accident.

These conditions are forecast to spread northeastward Thursday night to much of South Dakota, southeastern South Dakota and parts of northern and central Minnesota as temperatures plummet.

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SOURCE: Alex Sosnowski