Benny Hinn’s Nephew Condemns Prosperity Gospel as ‘Damning Heresy That Paves the Road to Hell, Blasphemes Scripture, and Insults Christ’

Costi Hinn, the nephew of televangelist Benny Hinn, has listed five reasons why he hates the prosperity gospel, which he has condemned as a “damning heresy that paves the road to Hell.”

In a recent blog post, Hinn, executive pastor of Mission Bible Church in Orange County, California, explained that while he “hates” the prosperity gospel, he doesn’t necessarily hate those — like his uncle — who preach or propagate it.

“Hatred, albeit taboo to say so, is not always a bad thing,” he insisted. “Anger toward that which is ‘anti-Christ’ is acceptable in God’s sight, but it should always be accompanied by humble prayer and biblical explanation lest we become the dragon we’re trying to slay.”

The pastor went on to highlight five reasons why he opposes the prosperity gospel, emphasizing that first and foremost, it’s not actually “good news.”

“While prosperity preachers sell what appears to be good fortune, it’s actually damning heresy that paves the road to Hell,” he said. “Too strong? Not when you compare the true Gospel to the lunacy that prosperity preachers promise.”

Second, Hinn argued that prosperity theology “blasphemes Scripture,” adding that “one of the most hateful and abusive things happening in the church-world today is when a person opens the Bible and uses it as a tool for deception.”

“This is blasphemy. This is what prosperity preachers do,” he said. “The Bible declares some incredible things about itself. 2 Timothy 3:16 specifically reminds us that Scripture is ‘God-breathed.’ How dare someone take what comes directly from the Holy One and use it for sordid gain?”

The prosperity gospel also “insults Christ,” Hinn said, because it encourages people to “smear His heavenly name to build their earthly empire.”

“They ascribe promises to men that Jesus never made,” he explained. “Jesus did not come to inaugurate a get-rich-quick scheme for humanity, He came to fulfill a redemptive plan. What an insult to make Jesus into a lottery ticket! Jesus didn’t die on the cross to provide a steady stream of Bentley’s, big diamonds, and botox. He died on the cross to provide our atonement.”

The “health and wealth” gospel is also so dangerous because it exploits the poor, Hinn warned, adding, “God loves the poor. Exploit them and you’re going to be dealing with Him one day.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett