5 Common Ways Churches Guide Young Christians

It’s one of the most common questions we get at Church Answers. What resources or approaches do you use for new believers?

My first reaction is one of joy. I am delighted God has used a particular church and its members to reach someone for Christ. My second response is a question. How have you responded in the past? What has been your approach with new believers? Here are the five most common ways churches guide new believers in order of frequency of response:

  1. They do nothing. The majority of churches that have responded do not have any plan of discipleship in place for these new believers. To their credit, they know they must do something, and they are seeking to move forward.
  2. They give them a resource. The resource is typically a book, and there does not seem to be any one book of choice. There are actually several good choices available.
  3. They get them involved in a group. One pastor told me one of his most important tasks is to encourage people to move from the big worship gathering to the new smaller group. Of course, groups have different names in different churches: community groups, life groups, Sunday school, home groups, and others. That same pastor said that he works extra hard to get new believers in groups where they can be discipled and grow spiritually with others.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Thom S. Rainer