WATCH: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Announces that New Pastor Has Been Selected, Will be Revealed Monday Night; Some Speculate that Jamal Bryant Will Leave Empowerment Temple to Take Over New Birth

Announcement at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
Announcement at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

On Sunday, November 18, 2018, the brother of New Birth’s late pastor Eddie Long announced that the church elders had selected a new pastor following the resignation of Stephen A. Davis in June of this year.

He did not name the person who had been selected. However, he did invite the congregation to pray for the pastor. Watch the announcement in the video below.

The pastor will be introduced to the congregation at a service on Monday night. If a live stream is available during the announcement service, BCNN1 will carry it live.

Below is a transcript of the announcement:

I have made 18 visits to Atlanta, GA, dealing with this process. And in the midst of it, I found out more than I wanted to know. But what I do know is: you need a pastor.

Now, this is where spiritual maturity comes in. It’s your apostle, my departed brother who shifted things in the kingdom to help you understand that you may not be aware of. Up until he came on the scene talking about the kingdom message, we, in our churches, handled things differently. We were congregational churches. And Eddie Long came on the scene, saying, “That’s out of order!” And we so trusted his voice that almost the whole church community in these parts moved from congregational to apostolic.

I remember Eddie Long saying to us, “Congregations can’t vote for pastors because they don’t know what they need.” And we believed him. We trusted him. And I’ll talk to you more about that tomorrow night.

Here’s my appeal to you: I need all of New Birth. Guard your spirit. Settle your emotions. Eliminate your criteria. A lot has gone into this. Is everybody going to be happy about the appointment? I doubt it. No matter who we put in front of you, some people are gonna have a challenge, and you may be deserving of those challenges. But you have to trust somebody.

Tomorrow night, we’re gonna announce a pastor. The board will be here. I’ll talk to you. The chairman will come and announce the pastor. I’ll come back to you and formally introduce him to you. But I need a level of maturity to exist in our church. The apostle would have it no other way. What is of God will stand.

I’m just asking that you give your new pastor a chance. Administratively, he’s been placed on a timeline for evaluation. And if he ain’t working… I ain’t going nowhere until he’s settled.

But what I want us to do right here, right now — without you even knowing who your new pastor is — I want you to, while you’re holding the hand of your brother, holding the hand of your sister — let’s pray for the new pastor. However you are led, go ahead.

The announcer led the church in singing “Simply Trusting Every Day,” and then laid hands on the elders and shook hands with the deacons in what he called a “transfer” in light of what was to come. He also led the congregation in praying for Eddie Long’s widow, Vanessa Long.

The most important thing the announcer did, which the editors of BCNN1 applaud, was to invite those who were in attendance who did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ to trust Him as Savior.

Some are already speculating that Jamal Bryant, pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, MD, will take over at New Birth. Internet vlogger Larry Reid posted the following video in which he also shares the names of several pastors who reportedly received an invitation for the position.


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