LISTEN AND WATCH: Since President Trump is Speaking Three Times Today About Politics, Daniel Whyte III, Who Normally Preaches Once or Twice a Day Will Preach the Gospel Three Times Today. First, He Will Preach the Message Titled ‘The Story of the Gentle Gentile General’ as He Continues the Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign Which He Has Been Preaching for 958 Days; Second, He Will Preach the Message Titled ‘The Acceptable Christian Sin of Gluttony’; and Third, He Will Preach an Adapted Message from the Great Evangelist Billy Graham on ‘The Sin of Tolerance’ from February 2, 1959 (STARTS LIVE AT 3 PM ET | 2 PM CT | 12 PM PT)

Since President Trump is speaking three times today about politics ahead of the midterm elections in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri, Daniel Whyte III, who normally preaches once or twice a day, will be preaching three times today because the Gospel is far more important than politics.

The Story of the Gentle Gentile General, Part 2 (Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign, Day 591)

The Sin of Tolerance, Part 1 (An adaption of Billy Graham’s message first preached on February 2, 1959)

The Acceptable Christian Sin of Gluttony #89 (A Message for the Church)

Daniel Whyte III will begin preaching at 3 PM ET | 2 PM CT | 12 PM PT.

Listen to and watch all three sermons LIVE and ON-DEMAND at the following places: