Prominent Syria Radio Journalist Shot Dead by Gunmen in Idlib

A prominent Syrian radio journalist has been shot dead by gunmen in the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib.

Raed Fares, a well-known Syrian activist, was killed in the north-western town of Kafranbel.

It was not the first time the founder of Radio Fresh, an independent radio station broadcasting from inside opposition-held areas in the country, had been targeted.

His activism had earned the ire of both militants and the Syrian government.

Four years ago, two gunmen for the Islamic State (IS) militant group shattered several bones and punctured his lung in a failed attempt to silence Fares.

More attempts on his life would follow and yet the former estate agent was determined to carry on.

“He was very much aware that he should not expect to die quietly in his bed,” French journalist Nicolas Henin told the BBC.

Henin, who described Fares as “one of the most impressive leaders of the Syrian revolution”, explained that even with the constant threats, his friend had refused to carry a weapon.

“It was nothing for himself and because his fight was just dedicated to the people, and to the welfare of all groups, all society,” he said.

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