Melissa Cain Travis, Author of ‘Young Defenders’ Book Series, Says Parents Should Start Teaching Their Children About Apologetics as Early as Possible

Christian parents should start talking to their kids about the evidence for God and the Bible while they are elementary school age if not younger, according to an author of an apologetics book series for children.

Melissa Cain Travis, author of the “Young Defenders” book series, was the special guest on an episode of the Dallas Theological Seminary podcast “The Table” that was posted online last week.

“Kids start asking these profound questions about ultimate reality from a much younger age than we would typically expect. And that was exactly what happened to me,” stated Travis.

“What I have found through doing conversational learning with my kids, which is very much based on my personal learning in formal academic settings, I’m able to help build within them a confident faith.”

When asked by host and DTS doctoral student Mikel Del Rosario about how a parent can find time to talk to their children about these matters, Travis responded that she learned through “the fine art of re-prioritizing,” which involved “cutting out some unnecessary things to make at least a little bit of room for some self-study.”

“I started with entry-level books, introductory-level texts, and simple podcasts just to start getting the mental juices flowing again after taking those years off to parent infants and toddlers,” said Travis.

“There are all sorts of ways we can actually incorporate learning activities that many people just haven’t stopped to consider. So, just time management and maximizing the time that we have.”

Travis drew upon her own experiences at a mother of two boys, the older of whom once asked her at age 7 about whether the Bible was true or made up.

“I’m sitting there stunned,” Travis recalled. “I was about a year into my master’s program at Biola, and I had just studied some arguments for the existence of God.”

“And so, I sat very patiently with my 7-year-old, as he’s playing and listening, playing and listening, just explaining to him the nature of our universe and how it needs to have an ultimate cause to explain why it began to exist in the first place.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski