Huge Donation Helps Texas Pastor Meet $2.3M Fundraising Goal to Help Liberia Get Clean Water

A Texas pastor who began living on a barge on Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas nearly a month ago and pledged to keep living there until he raised $2.29 million to help provide clean drinking water for all of Liberia by 2020 is now home after meeting his goal in a surprising moment on Monday.

“I couldn’t believe it. We had hit the mark in one of the most exciting and most fulfilling moments of my life,” Pastor Todd Phillips, founder and executive director of The Last Well, told The Dallas Morning News.

The Last Well is a Christian nonprofit that has made it its mission to not just bring clean water to all of Liberia — one of the poorest countries in the world — by 2020, but access to the Gospel as well.

Phillips, 49, began his latest fundraising campaign on the lake on Oct. 10. And since then he has been chronicling his experience there through daily Facebook Live broadcasts where he’s been joined by sports stars such as former Dallas Cowboys safety Darren Woodson and Hall of Famer Mike Singletary as he raised funds for Liberia.

When he began his broadcast on Monday, according to The Dallas Morning News, Phillips was about $270,000 away from his fundraising goal.

Earlier in the broadcast, Brent Hilliard, co-owner of Hilliard Office Solutions, pledged to cover a donation of 15 wells, at $3,000 each. Phillips was about to end his appeal on Monday night with more than $100,000 left to raise when Hilliard made a surprising donation that made Phillips do a backflip into the lake.

“We were about to shut down the show. … We were really close and I was about to sign off the live show. Thanks for coming, we’ll see you tomorrow and there was a comment that said hold on from Hilliard. And there was a comment that said, ‘we’ll fill the gap and when I read it I couldn’t wrap my mind around what they were saying and I asked everybody to check on it again and again and again and we finally realized and it took my breath away,” Phillips said.

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Source: Christian Post