Here We Go: Alaskan Christian Women’s Shelter Sues City for Pressuring It to Admit Transgender Individuals

A faith-based women’s shelter in Alaska has filed a lawsuit against the state’s most populous city for pressuring it to admit men who identify as women.

The Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center of Anchorage filed the lawsuit earlier this month in response to issues surrounding a complaint against the nonprofit over a recent incident in which staff sent a trans-identified person to a hospital rather than allow the biological man to stay at the facility.

“The Anchorage Municipal Code prohibits public accommodations from denying services based on sex or gender identity or stating those services will be denied. It also forbids property owners or their agents from communicating any preference or limitation on the use of real property based on sex or gender identity,” read the lawsuit, in part, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska.

“Hope Center has not violated this law. It is not a public accommodation, and the code exempts homeless shelters, like Hope Center. But the last eight months, Anchorage has used the code to investigate, harass, and pressure Hope Center to admit men into its women’s only shelter, and to stop Hope Center’s exercise of its religious beliefs.”

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Source: Christian Post