Here We Go Again: White Dunkin’ Donuts Owner Calls Police On Black Woman Who Was Using Free Wifi Without Buying Anything

Dunkin Donuts Franchise owner Christina Cabral and police officer (Photo: Screen capture)
Dunkin Donuts Franchise owner Christina Cabral and police officer (Photo: Screen capture)

Another day, another coffee shop calling the police on a black person for something ridiculous.

The morning of Nov. 7 was just like any other for Tirza Wilbon White. She walked into her local Fairfax, Va., Dunkin’ Donuts, a place she visits so regularly, employees know her by sight. She set up her laptop to get ready to dig into some emails, bothering precisely no one

Then things went left.

According to White, she was approached by Christina Cabral, an employee she’d never seen in her two years of visiting that Dunkin’ Donuts location. Cabral told White she couldn’t use the store’s wifi without making a purchase. White, flabbergasted, asked if it was a new store policy. Cabral allegedly explained the store policy was not new but was being enforced now that she was there, in a quality control capacity.

But White, a policy scholar and frequent Dunkin’ Donuts customer, sensed something was off. She pushed back against Cabral’s claim, asking if the policy was posted somewhere visible to customers. The two continued going back and forth, after which point White began to record the interaction.

Then things really went left.

At that point, White felt positive she was being discriminated against. Cabral eventually and reluctantly identified herself as the owner of the franchise and, when pressed, said that she should have and would order signs explaining the “policy.” Cabral also tried to use the excuse that fights had broken out there.

“They hang out here for eight hours and they get into fights,” she told White. “You can look it up; it was on Prince William County a year ago.”

OK, girl. Stay vigilant catching those hooligans from a year ago (it’s unclear to which incident Cabral was referring). Because when I think about people starting fights in Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s certainly not 46-year-old black women working on laptops. Maybe she thought White was going to start a fight and record it on her computer for WorldStar.

“We’re just trying to make our customers feel safe,” Cabral went on to explain.

Ah, so it’s a “safety” issue. Are your ears ringing like mine are?

White calmly pointed out the optics of the situation. She and another person of color had been asked to make a purchase or leave, she explained, making White feel discriminated against. That’s when Cabral became incensed.

“Oh, please,” Cabral responded. “Don’t get into the racial profiling. It’s my family. I find that offensive.” So apparently Cabral has family members of color or something. My best friend/husband/fourth cousin thrice-removed is black, yada yada yada. We’ve gone straight to the classics.

But here’s where it became clear Cabral was going full white woman: She threatened to call the police.

“Now you wanna call the police because you don’t like what I’m saying?” White asked, still preternaturally calm.

“You’re offending me,” Cabral responded, as if that explained the decision, then said she treats everyone the same—which no clueless white woman has ever said before.

“You’re the one who brought up racial profiling,” Cabral then pointed out, which means it wasn’t there before White mentioned it, I guess. It’s been a great week for “You’re the real racist” moments.

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SOURCE: Natalie Degraffinried
The Root