Gospel Artists Israel Houghton, Yolanda Adams, & Hezekiah Walker Are Working With Un-Christian “Church” That Thinks Jesus Failed & Korean Woman is God’s Daughter

The Unification Church, properly known as Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA, is hosting a major event this month titled, “Peace Starts with Me” and has invited high profile Christian artists, such as Israel Houghton, Yolanda Adams and others to help spread the mission of self-described “mother, the only begotten daughter of God,” Hak Ja Han Moon.

A new video promotion for the Nov. 12 event held in New York City’s Nassau Coliseum, announced that Grammy award winner Houghton will join Bishop Noel Jones, along with gospel singers Yolanda Adams, and Hezekiah Walker for the Unificationism gathering.

“Come and join all of New York and Americans everywhere to honor of the men and women of every creed and color who sacrificed and gave so much for the sake of this nation and to the cause of freedom around the world,” a press release about the event described.

It’s unclear why these popular Christians would link arms with this un-Christian faith. Houghton, Adams, Walker or Jones have not responded to media inquiries regarding their involvement at the non-Christian event.

Moon, who is the keynote speaker for “Peace Starts With Me” believes “Jesus failed in his mission” for world peace by being crucified.

Christianity and Unificationism are separate belief systems entirely. Christians base their faith on Jesus Christ as Savior, the only way into heaven. The Unification Church claims that Jesus didn’t fulfill his mission so “god’s only begotten daughter,” Moon, is now present to establish peace on earth.

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SOURCE: Christian Post