Air Force Veteran Tells God’s Response to Her Simple Prayer

Skye Marshall felt like something was off-kilter in her professional career. The Air Force veteran initially thought she was on the right path when she landed a successful job at a pharmaceutical marketing firm — but she soon learned that the cubicle life just wasn’t for her. Confused and unsure of where to go next, a conversation with her mom changed everything.

“You need to ask God for clarity,” Marshall’s mom told her, adding an important caveat about God’s impending response to her daughter’s prayers. “But whatever it is, you’ve got to do it.”

So, Marshall, star of “Indivisible” — a new movie from Pure Flix about U.S. Army Chaplain Darren Turner, his wife, Heather, and the couple’s fight to save their marriage — started to pray and ask God what she should do, and the response shocked her.

I prayed and I prayed and it was within two weeks I woke up right before my alarm clock and it was as clear as day — ‘Acting, go to L.A.,'” she recently told’s “Pure Talk.”

At first, Marshall said she resisted the response to her prayer, as she had always viewed acting and performing as a hobby, not a legitimate career. But the message just kept on coming at her.

“Buses would go by that would say, ‘Welcome to California,'” she said. “I could not run from it, so for me [it was] getting that message and receiving it.”

Finally, she gave in and left New York, heading to Los Angeles just two months after uttering her invocation for guidance.

It was a plan that clearly paid off, as Marshall soon starting booking jobs and landed the role of Sgt. Shonda Peterson in “Indivisible.”

She explained that her character is in the Army and that the film shows Shonda getting a letter informing her that she would soon be deployed to Iraq. Through the film, Marshall said people will get a sense of what soldiers go through after receiving the call and going abroad to fight for America.

Marshall is particularly excited about the role, as she has long wanted to play a veteran or an active duty officer. Despite her own experience in the Air Force, she had previously been turned down for such roles, being told she didn’t have “the look.”

But when she heard the plotline for “Indivisible,” she knew it was the perfect story for her.

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Source: Christian Post