WATCH: Botham Jean’s Mother Presented With Lady of Grace Award by Trayvon Martin’s Mother at The Potter’s House in Dallas

Allison and Bertrum Jean worried their son Botham would be killed in a car crash in the U.S. They never worried about him being shot by an officer. (Vernon Bryant/Staff Photographer)

Botham Jean’s mother is back in Texas.

“It hit home that it’s where he was killed. No excitement in coming to Dallas,” said Allison Jean. She first traveled days after her son was shot and killed by former Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger. “Sometimes I really want to run away from all this,” she said.

This time she is with her husband, Betrum Jean. This is his first time here. It’s not easy. But he remembers how often his son talked about his love for Dallas. “It’s really hard for me to be here right now and he’s not here,” said Betrum Jean.

Jean’s parents said the last six weeks have been torture. His father said Sunday mornings are the worst. That’s the day they worshipped over the phone together, sometimes singing songs.

“So I miss that and so Sunday’s are difficult for me, every Sunday. I miss him badly,” he said.

The tragic death of their son attracted worldwide attention. People protested and demanded swift justice.

The Jeans said they wanted that too, but now after meeting this week with the District Attorney, they said they understand the journey to justice takes time. “Because fundamentally, I am not angry. I am hurt. I am sad. What happened to my son is painful, but I’m not ready to kill for it.”

Bishop T.D Jakes and his wife Serita of the Potter’s House invited Jean’s parents back to Dallas. They wanted to give the mother a special award during the God’s Leading Ladies Gala. The Lady of Grace honor is given to a woman who displays grace and courage and shows love during trying times.

“I also represent Botham and who Botham was and Botham has always been an advocate for love of people,” Allison said.

Travon Martin’s mother, the teen killed by an armed security guard while walking down the street, was the woman who presented her with the award. These are two mothers who publicly grieved their sons. Through the pain they are finding a way to love and honor their legacies.

SOURCE: WFAA, Rebecca Lopez