Melania Trump Speaks Out: First Lady Sits Down for Rare Solo Interview (Airing This Friday) and Talks About Her Husband’s Infidelity, the State of Their Marriage, Her Views on the #MeToo Movement, and More

Spilling the beans: Mrs. Trump is speaking out about a variety of subjects in an interview with ABC News set to air on Friday

ABC News has managed to land an interview with First Lady Melania Trump.

Being Melania – The First Lady will air this Friday at 10pm on ABC, and no question was off the table.

‘You did agree to this interview, to your credit, with no preconditions,’ states Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas.

‘Knowing that there could be some tough questions asked.’

From there, the First Lady is asked about the state of her marriage, her husband’s infidelity and her views on the #MeToo movement.

‘Can women in the #MeToo movement call you a supporter,’ asks Llamas in a preview obtained by

‘You’re not the first first lady to have to deal with husband’s infidelities, has this put a strain on your marriage,’ he later asks the First Lady.

The preview ends with him asking about ‘the jacket,’ which the First Lady wore soon after her husband’s justice department enacted an order which allowed parents and their children to be separated at the border.

On a visit to one of the facilities housing those children, The First Lady wore a Zara jacket which read: ‘I Really Don’t Care Do You?’

People, it turned out, did in fact care.

And lastly, Llamas asks the third Mrs. Trump what the biggest misconception is about her.

The First Lady sat down with Llamas while the two were in Africa on her first solo foreign trip.

It has been over a year since Melania gave an interview with a major network, and almost all of her appearances on television have been by her husband’s side.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Chris Spargo