LA Rams Player Brandin Cooks Declares ‘Jesus Is the Light of the World’ in Twitter Post

NFL player Brandin Cooks has been sharing his Christian faith on social media in recent weeks as the Rams remain undefeated this season.

“Jesus Is the light of the world whoever follows Him will never be in darkness,” tweeted Cooks, the Los Angeles Rams’ wide receiver, in a message of faith to his 115,000 followers on Oct. 5. The post has garnered nearly 800 likes and more than 100 retweets.

On Oct. 10, he posted the short statement “Follow in [Christ’s] steps,” which has over 1,100 likes and nearly 150 retweets.

“Build yourself up in holy faith,” he tweeted on Monday, followed on Thursday with a post that quoted Psalm 23, “He leads beside quiet waters.”

On his Twitter profile, Cooks included the Bible verse Psalm 144:6, “send forth lightning scatter the enemy, shoot your arrows and route.”

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Source: Christian Post